Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a handbook for young people that shows how you can raise money for big dreams. At just over 100 pages, Ticket to Ride is a a quick, easy read. It includes anecdotes of my own fundraising mishaps and experiences while raising $12,000 to go on a semester program to Ecuador, as well as step-by-step ideas and checklists guiding you though how you can fund your dreams, too.

Inside, you’ll find how to:

  1. Break a big project down into doable steps;

  2. Write a smashing fundraising letter;

  3. Find odd jobs;

  4. Plan, organize and carry off fundraising events—without losing your shirt;

  5. Say thank you;

  6. Build momentum to reach your goal!

The inspiration for this project came after I returned my trip, when I

About The Book

started having more and more conversations with people my age who wanted to know how they could do it too.

While I was talking to them , I started wondering if there were books that could help: a manual to walk them through the process step-by-step, something they could refer to for ideas. There was only so much my conversations could do—surely there was a good resource I could recommend. Bet after googling and visiting some bookstores, I couldn’t find any.

So I began writing.

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Thanks so much!

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This book was made possible through the generous pledges of Kickstarter backers. If you’d like to check out our project page there, here’s a link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2019021065/ticket-to-ride-1

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What people are saying

“Too many high school students assume that experiences like a gap year between high school and college is one limited to those who can afford it. Hila Shooter demonstrates that anyone with resourcefulness, motivation, and creativity can raise the funding needed to have such an experience. This book is a really helpful step-by-step guide for how to raise money, with lots of useful suggestions along the way. I strongly recommend that anyone planning to raise money for a worthwhile cause give this book a close read.”

        -Robert Clagett, board member of Thinking Beyond Borders and former Senior Admissions Officer at Harvard College

“The ideas in this book have helped me accomplish my fundraising goals which allowed me to reach my dream of going on a semester program. I couldn’t have done any initiating without Hila’s wise guidance and prolific thinking.”

        -Shai, a Kroka Expeditions semester student

“I really loved Hila’s Book! From her warm, well-crafted initial letter to potential supporters, to her explanation of the value of a timeline and projections, from her guidance about how to keep supporter involved and committed, all the way to her glowing final thank-you letter, this is a book that WORKS! Hila’s text sparkles with anecdotes and images. Her candor, vibrancy, determination and effort, and her deep appreciation of her supporters and of her marvelous experience make this ‘how-to’ book a delight.”

        -Joyce Reed, director of College Goals, LLC, and former Assoc. Dean of the College at Brown University

Hila Shooter is a homeschooling student who lives in Waldo County, ME. She plans to continue adventuring for the rest of her life.


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